Robin Sara Stauder

My name is Robin (for many reasons and no reason at the same time). I’m a writer, visual researcher and designer based in Milan. I mainly deal with texts and images, and I love when they change the way I’ve always looked at something.

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2023-ongoing Visual & Content Curator, Freelance (Alla Carta, Radura)
2023 Visual & Content Curator, Freelance (Small Small Space, Humboldt Books, Cartography)
2020-23 Editor & Writer, C41 Magazine
2020-23 Art Director,

2015-20 BA+MA Communication Design, 110L, Politecnico di Milano
2015 Scientific High School Diploma, 100, Piacenza
2014 Certificate in Advanced English C1, Piacenza
2014 Exchange Semester, Ireland

2024 Ambidextrous Since 1969 (Moon Boot)
2024 Ancora una Volta (Versace Jeans Couture)
2024 A Giant Leap (Moon Boot)
2024 Mythes & Clichés (Nicole Gravier)
2023 Il profilo possibile (Dati Sporchi)
2023 The Dog and the Artist (Edoardo Manzoni)
2023 Alice Guareschi: Je m’appelle Olympia
2023 Of Ghosts and Other Alchemies (Iacopo Pasqui)
2023 Mondo Rosso: Everyday Small Apocalypses (Generic Animal)
2023 Keeping Elephants Away
2023 On What Is Missing (Jacopo Benassi)
2023 Your ease doesn’t simplify things / your ease is not making it easier (Francesco De Bernardi)
2023 For a Visual Drift: Parco Gallery
2022 Jeddah, or the Elsewhere
2022 The Cloud Above the Cliff
2022 A Love Story (x,y) (Federico Clavarino and Tami Izko)
2022 All About Giada Biaggi
2022 Anywhere but Here: Leonardo Caffo and the Escape Velocity
2022 The Eventual Island: a Temporary Shipwreck (Guglielmo Giomi)
2022 Luigi Ghirri with Eyes Closed
2022 The Instant of Change: on Chasing or Letting Go (Alessadro Furchino Capria)
2022 Ways of Hiding
2022 Through Our Missing Questions (Nicolaj Serjotti)
2021 The Instant Of Change: Deconstructing the Moment (Alecio Ferrari)
2021 Why Is Our Heart Furiously Beating? (Alec Soth)
2021 Why Do Creative People Always Wear Black?
2021 Small Talks with Strangers (Alessandro Furchino Capria)
2021 Altana: a Place to Enjoy the View
2020 A Revolutionary Rush: Presto (Generic Animal)
2020 Through the Looking Glass (Takashi Homma)
2020 The Non-Linear Way (72-Hour Post Fight)
2020 Reversing Photography (Erik Kessels)
2020 Save as ‘Accidental Icons’

Other Projects
2024 Cartography No.11 (Graphic Design & Editing)
2023 Small Small Space (Curatorial Research, Brand Identity & Communication Strategy)
2023 Best, Isabelle (Isabelle Wenzel)
2023 Contemporary Mythologies (Visual Research)
2023 Tutto ciò che genera luce è destinato a esplodere (Leonardo Caffo and Valentina Viviani)
2023 C41 Gallery + C41 Panorama (BiM)
2022 C41 Magazine Website
2022 I Am Arco Instagram Filter (Flos)
2022 Seeking Uncomfort in a Comfortable Chair (KOKKE)
2022 A Matter of Details (Ceramiche Caesar)
2021 NSE Magazine (The North Face)

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